It’s our mission to evoke a lasting impact on a passing moment and our purpose to do so through videogames.

From Argentina, with love.
About us
Born in Argentina - Software industry veterans and new blood alike join forces in order to create something better than themselves. Established in 2022, this fully-remote studio aims to endure the test of time.

We pride ourselves in our diverse and talented workforce and specialize in Anime-inspired Aesthetics. As Latinos, we aspire to tell stories through the lens of living in the third world.
Meet Our Team
  • Akira
    Founder, Producer, Game Designer. Played an unhealthy amount of Atlus games
  • Huffie
    Art Director, Senior Animator, and Character Designer. Changes her hair color according to her mood.
    Begs people to play Outer Wilds
  • Haze
    Narrative+Level Designer & Environment Artist.
    Has a degree or something in Psychology and still chooses to make maps in Unreal.
  • Polarnyne
    Lead Developer & Networking Maestro, Engineer, composer, and fighting games extravaganza.
    DO NOT ask him what frame advantage means.
  • Jean
    Lead 3D Artist, I have yet to find a game he hasn't played. Polycount Conessieur, a dedicated Maya crasher and the worst person to play The Forest with.
  • Isa
    Concept & VFX Artist. While her colors are pink she's a true goth IRL.
    Knows too much about Genshin Impact and named her cat after the best character redemption arc, Zuko.
  • Momotexx
    Character Artist. Deeply in love with Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza, also a VTuber. Likes to draw hot anime boys and girls, and that's all we want from her.
  • Karu
    SFX Artist. If it makes noise, it was her. FMOD supremacist. The only person in the team who gets my Megaman X references.
  • Diego
    Composer, creator of extraordinary noise for human sound receptacles.
    Most competitive Fortnite player on the team


Kernel Hearts
Kernel Hearts is a Roguelike Action RPG with Co-Op Multiplayer about four magical girls who have to slay God to save a world drowning in Ashes.

-Adrenaline-packed combo system
-Action RPG Rougelite Experience
-Charming cast with crazy good designs
-Heavy 2000s anime aesthetics
-Hot anime boys

Sign up to slay god
as jacaranda games
Duvet is a short adventure-puzzle game made in Unity about a dystopical world with militarized magical girls.

First Place of the Magical Girl Jam #2
Made over the course of 2 months

Play it for free
Contact us
Email: akira@ephemeragames.com

Phone: why would you want to call me?