It’s our mission to evoke a lasting impact on a passing moment and our purpose to do so through videogames.

From Argentina, with love.
About us
Born in Argentina - Software industry veterans and new blood alike join forces in order to create something better than themselves. Established in 2022, this fully-remote studio aims to endure the test of time.

We pride ourselves in our diverse and talented workforce and specialize in Anime-inspired Aesthetics. As Latinos, we aspire to tell stories through the lens of living in the third world.
Meet Our Team
The wheel of fate is turning
  • Akira
    Founder, Producer, BizDev. Played an unhealthy amount of Atlus games
    Also, the one writing all of these terrible descriptions, I'm sorry.
  • Huffie
    Art Director, Senior Animator, and Character Designer. Changes her hair color according to her mood.
    Begs people to play Outer Wilds
  • Haze
    Narrative+Level Designer & Environment Artist.
    Has a degree or something in Psychology and still chooses to make maps in Unreal.
  • Polarnyne
    Lead Developer & Networking Maestro, Engineer, composer, and fighting games extravaganza.
    DO NOT ask him what frame advantage means.
  • Jean
    Lead 3D Artist, I have yet to find a game he hasn't played. Polycount Conessieur, a dedicated Maya crasher and the worst person to play The Forest with.
  • Diego
    Composer, creator of extraordinary noise for human sound receptacles. Famously born in one of the many countries in the world that did not win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
Friends & Collaborators
Who do the things we have no clue how to
  • Momotexx
    Character Artist. Deeply in love with Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza, also a VTuber. Likes to draw hot anime boys and girls, and that's all we want from her.
  • Karu
    SFX Artist. If it makes noise, it was her. FMOD supremacist. The only person in the team that gets my Megaman X references.
  • Isa
    Concept & VFX Artist. While her colors are pink she's a true goth IRL.
    Knows too much about Genshin Impact and named her cat after the best character redemption arc
  • ACE
    3D Character Artist. A diehard fan of Yoko Taro and the only person I know who played Dankengard 1.


Kernel Hearts
Kernel Hearts is a Multiplayer Roguelite Action RPG about four magical girls who have to slay God.

-Adrenaline-packed combo system
-Dungeon Crawling Rougelite Experience
-Charming cast with crazy good designs
-Heavy 2000s anime aesthetics
-Hot anime boys

Sign up to slay god
as jacaranda games
Duvet is a short adventure-puzzle game made in Unity about a dystopical world with militarized magical girls.

First Place of the Magical Girl Jam #2
Made over the course of 2 months

Play it for free
Contact us
Email: akira@ephemeragames.com

Phone: why would you want to call me?